Although gold fill jewelry should not tarnish, it will get dirty, scratched, and dulled over time. The easiest way to clean your gold filled pieces is to soak for a few minutes in hot, soapy water, scrub it with an old soft toothbrush and a bit of dish soap. Rinse well, pat dry, and air dry. You can also use a Sunshine Cloth and lightly buff the piece back to a shine.

Silver jewelry is prone to tarnishing, and everyone's skin reacts differently to the material, causing some people's silver pieces to patina faster than others. Follow the same steps above for a light cleaning.

You can purchase a polishing cloth for your jewelry here. This will keep your jewelry clean and looking its best!


When not in use, store your jewelry in a cool, dry place; preferably in its gift box or another jewelry box. 


Many people wear their jewelry daily without giving much though to what the pieces are coming in contact with. Substances that are likely to accumulate on or around rings, earrings and necklaces include shampoo, sunscreen, make-up, flour, dust, soap residue and hairspray. We also advise removing necklaces and earrings when applying perfume or lotions, or when showering.

Common chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, furniture polish, cleaners, and more can cause major damage to any type of jewelry, especially gold. Be sure to remove your pieces before using harsh chemicals and cleaners, or when swimming in a pool or hot tub.


We use genuine semi-precious gemstones and they have the potential to chip if not taken care of properly or dropped onto a hard surface. Take good care of your jewelry so you can wear it for years to come.